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From August 2015 to April 2018, I worked at The Pitt News as a writer in the Opinions section. I’ve placed *** next to my favorite pieces.

  1. ‘Little House on the Prairie’ offers modern-day reflection 3/30/18***
  2. Homes for the Holiday: Vignettes from winter break 1/8/18
  3. On Sharing Beliefs: Do It With Tact 9/1/2017***
  4. Being unprofessional in the classroom hurts your future 8/21/17
  5. Pitt leads the pack in cultural cooperation 5/24/17***
  6. Meme culture: a barrier for online discussion 12/8/16***
  7. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra’s reputation must remain intact 10/11/16
  8. Stepping out of your comfort zone: Isolate yourself 5/31/16***
  9. Admiring sky is path to self reflection 2/24/16
  10. Students should help welcome refugees 2/18/16
  11. Value food, don’t waste it 1/14/16
  12. Point-Counterpoint: Relying on labels does more harm than good 1/7/16
  13. Anxiety doesn’t have to cause finals blues  12/9/15
  14. Middle Eastern pride: Don’t feed into Western perceptions 10/28/15
  15. Home is love, culture, belonging 10/9/15***
  16. Investments in education can save Syrian futures 9/14/15
  17. Don’t let shootings become a norm, focus more on victims 9/1/15